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JUNKAN is a craft brand that provides products created by careful manual work using materials to avoid environmental impact. We hope to help create a world where everyone is full of happiness through handcraft work and a society where the circle of compassion spreads to people and the earth from our handcrafted products. We weave connections towards a better future with products that are close to people and the planet.

About Company

  • Company name

    Nihon Sogo Engei Co.,Ltd.

  • Headquarters

    19-1 Chishiro, Tawaramoto-cho, Shiki-gun, Nara, Japan

  • Sales Offices

    Chubu office: 57 Kakinoki, Hongo, Ama-shi, Aichi, Japan
    Sanyo office: 5-130 Kamata, Hirohata-ku, Himeji-shi, Hyogo, Japan

  • TEL 0744-32-0687
  • FAX


  • Established

    September 1972

  • Incorporated

    September 1982

  • Representative

    Taro Nakamura

  • Activity

    Sale of horticulture products (fresh flowers, vases and other gardening materials)
    Landscaping and garden design
    In-house home delivery service
    Sale of natural and health food products and product development
    E-commerce (Online shop management)

  • Company policy

    We carry out our daily activities with sincerity, creativity and enthusiasm to create a harmonious society respectful of nature.

  • Corporate philosophy

    Make every day count and live it with sincerity and respect towards others and strive for a better society.

  • Corporate lawyer

    Nara Sougou Law Office, Araki lawyer