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桜梅桃李 (Oubaitori) – the first series launched!

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JUNKAN’s first series, “Oubaitori” is now available in collaboration with the Art Centre “Tampopo (Dandelion) House”.

桜梅桃李 (Oubaitori: Cherry, Plum, Peach, Apricot each tree blossoms in its own time following its own rhythm just as everyone follows their own unique path in life) is a series of artworks which add colour to your everyday life using an eco-friendly resin “Jesmonite”.

This art project started with the artists of Tampopo House, who specialise in a wide range of artworks such as painting, crafts, ceramics and textiles. Made from environmentally-friendly materials, they add a subtle fine touch to your everyday life.

Message from Tampopo House


JUNKAN 第1段シリーズ「桜梅桃李」

Tampopo House Art Centre HANA (Nara City) is a place where people with disabilities can freely express themselves through art and is operated by a social welfare corporation “Wataboshi-no-Kai” under the concept of “everyone is creative”. For this “Oubaitori” series, we held a flower vase workshop to create a prototype, and then combined 3D printing technology and manual work to craft each individual vase.

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