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Gently, kindly
weaving connections.
It's the way to light the path to our future.

JUNKAN is a craft brand that provides products created by careful manual work with low environmental impact. We hope to help create a world where everyone is full of happiness through handcraft work and a society where the circle of compassion spreads to people and the earth from our handcrafted products. We weave connections (in Japanese "Junkan") towards a better future with products that are close to people and the planet.


桜梅桃李 (Oubaitori)

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A flower vase series inspired by the Deer God Shishigami and mountain spirits

Made from an eco-friendly material "Jesmonite", "Oubaitori" is a series of artworks which draws inspiration from the mountains which are transformed with each season.

Our Story

What can we do to face the future of sustainable craft while valuing integrity in creativity?

Why we JUNKANWhat can we do to prepare the future of sustainable manufacturing while valuing creativity and integrity?

Is a craft brand that is friendly to both people and the earth, JUNKAN will always explore the most appropriate materials, functions and forms.

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